Create Safe Workspaces

With Digital Health Passport

As employees return to work in an ever changing world with COVID-19 it is more critical now than ever before for employees, customers and visitors to feel safe.

Digital Health Passport (3) Editions:

Create “Safe Workspaces” Smartly with COVID PreCheck

Designed and supported by physicians and based on public health guidelines

Reduces risk and liability for employers

Promotes a culture of safety and health in the workplace

Employees feel safer to return to work

Employees manage and consent to self-reported qualitative and quantitative test results (confirmed by physicians)

In-app guidance regarding when to get tested and when to seek a Telemedicine consultation from a physician

Employer Portal

A number of employers have already started taking extra measures to keep their employees protected.

Digital Health Passport

Digital Health Passport is a tool for employees to show the proof of their COVID-19 status.

Physician Portal

Healthcare professionals order and interpret COVID-19 test results and update status.

How COVID PreCheck Works?

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What Do The Covid Precheck Apps Do?


Easy to use for employees, quick deployment for employers, trusted by health professionals.


COVID lab test results and self-assessment test based on CDC guidelines.


Employees and visitors can create safe zones and verify that everyone in the safe zone is tested for COVID or symptom and exposure free.


Efficient digital scanning and recording at your location to increase employee and customer confidence with respect to COVID safety.


A secure digital “passport” that confirms your COVID status with a QR-code or a “Virtual Handshake”.


Provides a secure portal for licensed physicians and healthcare professionals to update COVID testing results or provide a “return to work” digital signature for employees.

COVID PreCheck Features

Three Easy Steps To Get Started With Covid Precheck Apps

Step 1: Have Your Employees Sign Up For The Free Web Application

Sign up for the web app for individual use with our easy and secure onboarding process.

Step 2: Have Your Employees Take The Daily Self-Assessment Test

Take the 30 second Self-assessment Test and confirm that you don’t have any of the symptoms related to COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone with symptoms.

Step 3: Check The Covid Status Of Your Employees

Generate a secure QR-code of your status and have it scanned by whom you choose.

Want to create a safe space for your business?

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