Create Safe Workspaces with Digital Health Passport

Create Safe Workspaces with
Digital Health Passport


COVID PreCheck

As employees return to work in an ever-changing world with COVID-19 it is more critical now than ever before for employees, customers, and visitors to feel safe.

Create “safe workspaces” smartly.

  • Start with the results of a daily self-assessment test
  • Add a Rapid Screening Test for more Predictability
  • Have more Certainty when the COVID status of employees is updated by a licensed health professional
  • And when a vaccine is released, employees will be able to show proof of immunization with their Digital Health Passport.
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing Human Resources platform
Employer Portal
Digital Passport for Employees
Health Professional Portal

COVID PreCheck features

What do the COVID PreCheck Apps do?


Easy to use for employees, quick deployment for employers, trusted by health professionals


COVID lab test results and self-assessment test based on CDC guidelines.


Technology to help people create safe zones and verify that everyone else in the safe zone is symptom free and exposure free.


Efficient digital scanning and recording at your location to increase employee and customer confidence with respect to COVID safety.


A secure digital “passport” that confirms your COVID status with a QR-code or a “Virtual Handshake”.


Provides a secure portal for licensed physicians and healthcare professionals to update COVID testing results or provide a “return to work” digital signature for employees.

COVID PreCheck Features

Three Easy Steps To Get Started with COVID PreCheck Apps

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A Quick View In Screens

  • Being able to meet a friend out for coffee and feel like the space is safe is a “game-changer

  • The Virtual Handshake is perfect for our backyard get-togethers.

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Popular FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

No. COVID PreCheck is not a contact tracing app. It does not save any data related to your location or which places you have visited or who you have interacted with. When the app does ask for location permission it is for the purpose of finding doctors, test labs or other COVID PreCheck users near you.

The COVID-19 Self-assessment Test takes 30 seconds to complete and can be taken as many times as needed. We recommend taking the test at least once a day. Most businesses and employers would like to see the results of a self-assessment test completed that day. The COVID PreCheck app displays the last time you took the Self-assessment Test as part of your status.

COVID PreCheck is given by combination of a Self-assessment Test, lab test results and consultations by a  physician if appropriate. We have put several measures in place to ensure that when someone is given COVID PreCheck, that certification is authentic and secure. Physicians have to order a COVID-19 test from a qualified and FDA approved lab, interpret the results, and submit the test report as part of supporting evidence. Consumer status is stored on a secure platform and only they and their physician have access to these records. In many cases a lab test or physician consultation is not required and evidence of having taken a self-assessment test may be adequate for display as a safe status.

Yes, until the availability of a vaccine, the only way you can get immunity to COVID-19 is by surviving a COVID-19 infection. If you are asymptomatic, It is possible that you may not even know or remember that you have had an infection from COVID-19. The science and guidance on immunity is constantly evolving so please refer to CDC guidelines for more information. Current CDC guidelines suggest that if you have had a COVID-19 infection, you are unlikely to get reinfected for three months or unlikely to be infectious to others for three months since the onset of symptoms.

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