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Why Are Patients Recovering from COVID-19 Advised to Visit a Physician?

If you are in the process of recovering from COVID-19, it’s crucial to visit a doctor to ensure that you are correctly managing your symptoms. Many symptoms can persist for months after contracting the virus, and some of these symptoms can develop into more serious issues if they are not properly addressed.

Some COVID-19 patients experience severe long-term side effects and end up having to go to the hospital. Others may only experience mild symptoms and won’t have an issue continuing their life as usual. While some people experience no noticeable symptoms, many people report losing their sense of smell, and others have a wide range of symptoms from fevers to brain fog. More research is being done every day on COVID-19, yet so much remains uncertain when it comes to the virus’s symptoms. It’s essential for someone recovering from COVID-19 to see their doctor to determine if there are any complications, or if they need to make any lifestyle changes to adjust during your healing process. 

If you think you have symptoms of COVID-19, you should be visiting a medical center to confirm your diagnosis and get the right medication and treatment. If you’re currently recovering from COVID-19, your doctor may recommend a course of action for treatment. A trained doctor will be aware of commonly reported symptoms and prescribe appropriate medications for you while you are on your path to recovery. Regardless, you should visit a doctor to make sure you are properly addressing your symptoms.

COVID-19 Recovery Program for Persistent Symptoms

A medical facility in Los Angeles recently launched a COVID-19 recovery program to help patients with longer-term side effects. The program consists of meeting with a physician to treat persistent side effects. Essentially, the physician evaluates the patient to determine what recovery options exist for them, ranging from cardiology to psychiatry. Some people who contracted COVID-19 have reported experiencing symptoms for longer than three months, making this program necessary to assist these patients during their recovery phase. 

The coronavirus side effects vary from person to person, so having as much support in place as possible helps patients struggling with unusually long-term side effects. For example, some patients report having a severe psychotic reaction to the virus, even months after contracting it. Similarly, other COVID-19 survivors report experiencing enduring brain fog. Since there are so many unknowns with the coronavirus, doctors should gather as much information as possible and use this information to support recovering patients.

Find Resources and Share Your Health Status with Others Using New Technology

If you’re experiencing long-term symptoms, the COVID PreCheck App has resources to recommend users to telemedicine providers if required. The resources available can direct you to a physician who can help you manage your symptoms.

Of course, if you want to avoid contracting the virus altogether, getting tested regularly is one way to determine whether you have the virus so you can quickly start taking the necessary measures. If the test comes back negative, you know that you are okay for the time being. But what about your interactions with others? How will you know if they are virus-free?

That’s where the COVID PreCheck App comes in. The app generates a unique QR code to flash on your phone as proof that you are not infected. The app obtains your information from a self-assessment test that you can take once a day. The app also allows your doctor to provide a note that you are COVID-19 free. 

After downloading the COVID PreCheck App, you can see if others around you are using the app and share information regarding your health status with a virtual handshake. If you’re out at an event, you can check other attendees’ status to make sure that everyone going is safe.

Of course, the app is not meant to replace mask wearing, social distancing, or hand sanitizing. It is meant as a helpful tool in the fight against the virus. Whether or not you have already had the virus, download the COVID PreCheck App to help keep yourself and others safe.