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What Do New COVID-19 Variants Mean For Vaccinations?

It’s disconcerting to hear a constant influx of news regarding new variants of COVID-19. It’s been over a year since we first learned of the coronavirus, and with the announcement of vaccinations, most of us thought that we were approaching the end of the battle. The good news announcing that Pfizer had developed an effective vaccine was followed by an announcement that seemed to dampen this achievement. Word began to spread about a more contagious, potentially more lethal variant circulating that might make the vaccine ineffective. And then, the discovery of other variants was announced and identified in many countries.  This leads to the big question: will the vaccines protect against new variants?

The Variant Discovered in the U.K.

Near the end of 2020, scientists discovered a new COVID-19 variant in the U.K. that appears to spread more rapidly. Scientists determined that this variant contains mutations that impact how the virus infects cells in the body, making it more transmissible. The variant has been detected in at least 45 countries, including the U.S. The CDC warned that it might be the new dominant variant circulating by spring 2021. The good news is that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are effective against this variant

Additional Variants 

Scientists discovered another variant in South Africa. It contains a mutation occurring on a part of the spike protein that plays an integral role in attaching receptors in human cells. The mutation appears more transmissible—similar to the U.K. variant— and affects younger people more than other variants. Experts say that vaccines will likely still be effective against this variant.

Another virus mutation has also been identified in Brazil. There is no definite answer yet whether the vaccine is effective against this variant. However, some researchers believe that antibodies may not protect against this variant, potentially leading to reinfection. 

A variant was detected in Denmark back in March 2020, which has not gained as much attention. Unlike the others mentioned variants, it’s not clear if it is more transmissible. Researchers think that this variant is more resistant to vaccines because of a mutation impacting the spike protein. 

More research for all the variants needs to be done before anything can be confirmed. While the information about new variants is alarming, we can continue to do our best to keep ourselves and others safe. Taking protective measures is even more critical now with the new variants circulating. Until we have more information, continue taking precautions, such as maintaining social distance, wearing masks, and washing hands until there is more information. 

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