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The Doctor Will See You Now

The COVID-19 pandemic not only poses a problem because of increased cases and the risk of disease. The pandemic has also created a ripple effect that extends into many industries and areas of life. The performing arts industry is all but shut down, with Broadway expected to be completely closed for some time. Mental health problems such as anxiety and depression are increasing as many people face unemployment or decreased job security. The travel industry has had to undergo significant changes, and many people have pivoted from working in the office to working from home.

Of course, the healthcare industry has also been significantly affected in a number of ways. Some of the most obvious effects are the increased demand for hospital beds and PPE and greater levels of stress for healthcare workers as they navigate unprecedented circumstances, leading to higher rates of burnout. However, COVID-19 is also making it more challenging for patients to see their family doctors.


Many clinics and medical practices have either significantly reduced in-person services or switched their practice, providing only telehealth services via phone call or video chat. While this is effective in some cases, there are some situations in which you really do need to see a doctor in person. This is especially challenging for people who suffer from chronic health conditions. These patients typically need to visit a doctor regularly in order to manage their symptoms or check their overall health. Without these routine check-ups, patients may experience further complications and end up needing critical medical attention.

For patients, a visit to the doctor during a pandemic may be a source of anxiety. This is understandable because while medical professionals do their best to minimize the risk, it is still possible to be exposed to COVID-19 in a doctor’s office. This creates a dilemma for people who need medical attention but fear exposure to the coronavirus. Sometimes patients avoid seeking the care they require, allowing their symptoms to worsen.

Healthcare Professionals

Doctors are also struggling with the unique demands of the pandemic. Many healthcare professionals are navigating schedules that are busier than ever before as they attempt to treat an influx of COVID-19 cases as well as regular patients. Increased cleaning, sanitization, and pre-screening procedures mean that most daily tasks take longer than they typically would, resulting in doctors and nurses who are exhausted at the end of each day. 

Additionally, treating patients via phone or video chat comes with its own challenges. Making a diagnosis is significantly more challenging when doctors can’t see their patient, and physical symptoms are often more difficult to detect on video. The flow of communication that is usually present in person can be difficult to recreate over the phone, and many physicians have to work harder to develop their usual rapport with their patients.

Some physicians are also seeing a significant decrease in the number of patients they are treating each day, meaning that their revenue is affected. This can make it difficult to sustain the expenses of operating a private practice.

Returning To Work

Getting in to see a doctor can take time, which can result in delays in obtaining approval for going back to work. This can be frustrating for employees who have been self-isolating and are eager to get back to their regular routines. However, it is important to get clearance from a medical professional before employees are back on the job in order to ensure the safety of their colleagues and prevent workplace outbreaks.

A solution to expedite the process of returning to work without compromising safety is the COVID PreCheck App. This app allows doctors to quickly and easily confirm an individual’s safe-to-work status and allows employees to share their status with their employers and colleagues. Additionally, this app allows employees to take daily a self-screening test that will improve overall workplace safety and make everyone feel more comfortable.

The COVID-19 pandemic may be presenting the healthcare field, and the world at large, with unforeseen challenges, but all around the world people are rising to meet them. Using tools like telehealth services and the COVID PreCheck App will help to ease the strain on healthcare workers while ensuring that patients get the care they need.