Self-Assessment Test with COVID Pre-Check

“We have found at the NIH, that it is much, much better tojust question people when they come in and save the time, because the temperatures are notoriously inaccurate, many times,”

– Dr. Fauci.


Digital Health Passport to Create Safe Workspaces

Daily Self-assessment Test includes symptom assessment, a check for exposure, and if a health agency has been in contact.

Panel of physicians and infectious disease continuously monitor CDC guidelines and keep symptom assessment and exposure criteria uptodate

History of COVID PreCheck status of each user is securely maintained on a cloud based system which is HIPAA compliant. If allowed by the user, it can be verified that the user has completed the Daily Self-assessment Test.

Results are only accessible when user allows a secure QR-code on their phone to be scanned i.e. explicit permission given by the user.

User's personal QR-code is only valid for 24 hours to prevent fraud and provide an additional level of security for the user and the institution.

COVID PreCheck is a web application which means it can be accessed through other apps that the user may already be using. There is nothing new to download for the user and minimum integration is required with existing apps to take advantage of COVID PreCheck.

Users can opt to use COVID PreCheck in social settings with small groups of people where there is no scanning for QR-codes, but they still want to show AND see proof of COVID PreCheck status using a Virtual Handshake.

The app is free for the users including the ability to do Virtual Handshake with other users. Businesses and Universities can pay per use for scanning the COVID PreCheck status of their employees and students.

COVID PreCheck works holistically and takes into account a user's complete lifestyle - professional, campus, personal, and social.

COVID PreCheck status is not limited to just a daily Self-assessment Test. It can also include results of a rapid test or a PCR test or a serology test for antibodies. It can even include a status that isupdated by a licensed healthcare professional.