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New app can communicate to others about your COVID-19 status after self test

How to prepare your business for a post-COVID-19 recovery. Top CEOs weigh in

Employers will have to up their tech game. To have employees return to work safely, employers will have to invest in digital tools that help keep the workplace COVID free. For example, employers will screen employees to determine whether employees have been vaccinated or tested for COVID-19. A digital health passport can accelerate their journey towards digital transformation.

Employers can legally impose a vaccine mandate. But should they?

Employers are legally required to keep their staff safe from all known health and safety risks in the workplace, and that includes exposure to COVID-19 by their colleagues. How will employers verify who has been vaccinated and who has been tested for COVID-19?

The Evolving Role of HR in the Pandemic

From buying food to organizing meetings, coronavirus has completely changed how we live and work. The worst part about the pandemic is that no one was prepared for it. As restrictions increase and cases rise, companies have had to adapt on-the-fly to what is now an oscillating work environment.

Meat processing plants remain hot spots for coronavirus as some opt to reopen

Avoid becoming “The Dangerous Case of CORONA Hotbed”. Use the Swiss Cheese Model to reduce the risk of spreading the virus and creating Safe Workspaces with COVID PreCheck.

This is How to Get People Back in the Office Safely

The greatest challenge facing HR departments is the unknown. Every business has had to adapt to a work environment that is constantly changing and being threatened by coronavirus…

Despite promise, few in US adopting COVID-19 exposure apps

The problem is that to be effective, contact tracing apps need to be nearly ubiquitous. Some estimate that for contact-tracing apps to stop the spread of COVID-19, adoption would need to be at least 60% of the population. If only a small proportion of people a user comes in contact with are using the app, the app is worthless or could even be harmful because the app’s indications will be highly inaccurate and could even instill a false sense of security.

KHN Morning Briefing

Unbelievable! We are still talking about resorting to fax machines and paper records for health data interoperability. I should be able to retrieve my COVID-19 Immunization Record with Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Application Programming Interface (APIs) and using an app of my choice such as COVID PreCheck and Health Wizz.

Vaccination cards will be issued to everyone getting Covid-19 vaccine, health officials say

Vaccination record card? Really? Isn't that like driving a horse buggy on an eight-lane highway? In today's digital era, why not make immunization record part of a digital health passport such as COVID PreCheck.

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COVID PreCheck™ helps businesses and individuals create safe spaces to help restore confidence and ensure safety

COVID PreCheck on PR Web

CareerGig Partners with COVID PreCheck Allowing Companies Fast and Reliable COVID-19 Verification for Contractors and Freelancers

Why Employers Find It So Hard to Test for COVID

To the store’s credit, Hudgins said the manager has instituted a locked-door policy, where employees determine which customers can enter.