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New app can communicate to others about your COVID-19 status after self test

Nitin Desai, MD, COVID Precheck’s Chief Medical Officer in Forbes Magazine

Congratulations On Your Vaccination! (You Can’t Return To Normal Just Yet)

“Herd immunity with mass vaccination is possible by the end of 2021 if more than 80 to 90 percent of the population is vaccinated,” said Nitin Desai, MD, private practitioner and chief medical officer of COVID Pre-Check. “If vaccination adoption is poor, COVID hotspots and clusters may continue to occur.” He explained.

PODCAST  |   COVID-19 most frequently asked questions for returning to work

Dr. Nitin Desai, an Internal Medicine Physician practicing in North Carolina for over 24 years and the Chief Medical Officer of COVID PreCheck, a digital health passport related to COVID-19 joins eHealth Radio and the Health News Channel.

Spike in Child COVID-19 Cases has Parents Asking Questions, We have the Answers


Dr. Nitin Desai: Parents can be good role models by following routine precautions and making hand washing, social distancing, and wearing masks a family activity. Limit in-person playtime and connect virtually with other children. In-person playtime should only be with the children of other families who are performing these same preventive measures.

COVID-19 Vaccines May Now Be Available at Your Local Pharmacy

Employees are looking to get vaccinated. Here is some information how your local Pharmacy is being prepared for the shot. Weather or not the employer will provide access to vaccination or require employees to get vaccinated remains to be seen.

Loss of Taste, Smell in COVID-19 Might Last Up to 5 Months

Nitin Desai, MD, Chief Medical Officer of COVID Precheck talks about the long hauler or Post COVID syndrome.

“ Everything in COVID is an acute infection, but I think some people have lingering organ damage from the immunological process causing symptoms”. How are the employees and the work force affected by COVID in long term? We will see an unprecedented shift in employee wellness and health.

What causes COVID-19 vaccine side effects?

COVID vaccination has been a topic of interest to all including return to work. Second dose of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and their side effects have been a hot topic. Nitin Desai, MD, COVID Precheck Chief Medical Officer , explains the science behind second dose of COVID vaccines. Immunization is a personal choice but will impact work place safety for a foreseeable future.

Will the AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Be Safe to Take?

Mass vaccination is important for return to work and work place safety. Nitin Desai, MD speaks about how AstraZeneca vaccine is a good consideration to reach a goal of 75 % or more of population be vaccinated to get out of the pandemic and return to work.

Will I Need a COVID-19 Vaccine Passport to Travel?

COVID vaccination is a very critical step in getting out of the pandemic. Workforce and travel activities will depend on an individual's Immunization status. Public health and the government is likely going to continue to focus on infected population and contact tracing. Private sector like us will come with innovative technology for secured and private data management regarding COVID-19 infection and immunity via Vaccinations.

70% of employees believe vaccines should be required before returning to office: Glassdoor

There is an increased expectation that employers should be prioritizing employee health, safety, and wellbeing while taking into account the latest health guidelines and recommendations. 23% of the respondents would consider quitting their job if they were required to return to the office before all employees were vaccinated! And some 68% of those surveyed said they would receive the vaccine if their employer offered a cash bonus and/or more paid time off. Employers should take advantage of the free Swiss Cheese Quiz to assess and ensure the safety of their workplace.

Wondering If Your Kids Should Double Mask? Here's What the Experts Want You to Know

While COVID restrictions are being lifted , somewhat prematurely in some states, concern remains about COVID safety for young adults and Children in light of delayed vaccinations for them. Working Moms may worry about protecting their children at work from home or office. Rightfully so, question is about masking in Children, here is a nice write up as a reference.

Sodium Levels Predict Risk of COVID-19 Complications: Study

COVID-19 can cause Sodium and water balance problems causing some symptoms like Dizziness, weakness especially in more severe cases. Nitin Desai, MD, Chief Medical Officer of COVID Precheck spoke in this article. Is it time for businesses to have a nurse or clinical person at facility to do what a School nurse does for students? Employee wellness is shifting in high gear. COVID testing, maybe some point of care simple labs or triage will be more important then ever.

Are you procrastinating more? Blame the pandemic.

Procrastination is ubiquitous. COVID pandemic may have made it worse. Why employees and individuals procrastinate? Nitin Desai, MD, COVID Precheck Chief Medical Officer spoke with NATGEO magazine. Work force and their productivity will be seeing a challenging mental and physical health conditions surge from the COVID pandemic. Employee wellness is ever so more important.

Whether you are a 65 year old employee returning to work or you are taking care of family members who are 65, you can reduce the risks associated with COVID with a Virtual Handshake

New vaccine availability in USA from Johnson and Johnson is being deabted. Simple answer is get a vaccine if you can and fill those holes in the swiss cheese model of safety. (Use the links to assessement tool)


Obesity is considered a disease by itself. COVID-19 has lead to a higher number in severe illness and deaths in Obese individuals. Interesting article here with Nitin Desai, MD , COVID Precheck Chief Medical Officer, pointing how COVID-19 vaccine may not be very effective in individuals challenged with Obesity and a multi-pronged approach remains a strong case for work place safety from COVID-19 outbreaks. The Swiss cheese model of safety explains this multilayered approach.

While companies are taking a cautious stance on getting back to the office, COVID PreCheck has created an assessment based on the Swiss cheese model to determine the level of safety in the workplace in regards to COVID-19.


But for large, worldwide events to come back in full, Nitin Desai, MD, chief medical officer of COVID PreCheck, says that at least 75 percent of the world population needs to be vaccinated. This may take some time, as the “supply chain, logistics of vaccinating large populations, and a widespread acceptance of vaccines remain questionable for most countries,” Desai said. According to vaccination tracking data from Bloomberg, it will take an estimated 10 months to vaccine 75 percent of those in the U.S. And at the latest global vaccination rate, they estimate that it will take more than six years to vaccinate 75 percent of the population worldwide.


Once an appointment is made, seniors will need to do a little more preparation for the day they get their vaccine, Dr. Nitin Desai, chief executive officer and chief medical officer of COVID PreCheck, told Healthline


The answer can be measured in vaccinations. In the scientific community, there are conflicting definitions for when herd immunity is achieved. Is it when enough people are protected that it begins to have a measurable effect on the speed of transmission?

A comprehensive approach to COVID safety and screening is a prudent way to reduce risk. Take the Swiss Cheese Quiz and get the score that tells you if your workplace is COVID safe for return-to-work.

How to prepare your business for a post-COVID-19 recovery. Top CEOs weigh in

Employers will have to up their tech game. To have employees return to work safely, employers will have to invest in digital tools that help keep the workplace COVID free. For example, employers will screen employees to determine whether employees have been vaccinated or tested for COVID-19. A digital health passport can accelerate their journey towards digital transformation.

Employers can legally impose a vaccine mandate. But should they?

Employers are legally required to keep their staff safe from all known health and safety risks in the workplace, and that includes exposure to COVID-19 by their colleagues. How will employers verify who has been vaccinated and who has been tested for COVID-19?

The Evolving Role of HR in the Pandemic

From buying food to organizing meetings, coronavirus has completely changed how we live and work. The worst part about the pandemic is that no one was prepared for it. As restrictions increase and cases rise, companies have had to adapt on-the-fly to what is now an oscillating work environment.

Meat processing plants remain hot spots for coronavirus as some opt to reopen

Avoid becoming “The Dangerous Case of CORONA Hotbed”. Use the Swiss Cheese Model to reduce the risk of spreading the virus and creating Safe Workspaces with COVID PreCheck.

This is How to Get People Back in the Office Safely

The greatest challenge facing HR departments is the unknown. Every business has had to adapt to a work environment that is constantly changing and being threatened by coronavirus…

Despite promise, few in US adopting COVID-19 exposure apps

The problem is that to be effective, contact tracing apps need to be nearly ubiquitous. Some estimate that for contact-tracing apps to stop the spread of COVID-19, adoption would need to be at least 60% of the population. If only a small proportion of people a user comes in contact with are using the app, the app is worthless or could even be harmful because the app’s indications will be highly inaccurate and could even instill a false sense of security.

KHN Morning Briefing

Unbelievable! We are still talking about resorting to fax machines and paper records for health data interoperability. I should be able to retrieve my COVID-19 Immunization Record with Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Application Programming Interface (APIs) and using an app of my choice such as COVID PreCheck and Health Wizz.

Vaccination cards will be issued to everyone getting Covid-19 vaccine, health officials say

Vaccination record card? Really? Isn't that like driving a horse buggy on an eight-lane highway? In today's digital era, why not make immunization record part of a digital health passport such as COVID PreCheck.

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COVID PreCheck™ helps businesses and individuals create safe spaces to help restore confidence and ensure safety

COVID PreCheck on PR Web

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Why Employers Find It So Hard to Test for COVID

To the store’s credit, Hudgins said the manager has instituted a locked-door policy, where employees determine which customers can enter.