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1. Are environmental measures in place with ALL of the following for COVID safety: PPE, HVAC, Filters, Airflow, Disinfectants and  surface treatment?



2. Are personal hygiene practices in place such as  wearing masks, frequently washing hands, and availability of sneeze guards at counters?


3. Are employees and visitors following social distancing guidelines?


4. Is your facility conducting daily self assessment for all employees and visitors based on CDC guidelines with questions on COVID-19 symptoms and exposure?


5. Is there a plan for frequent testing of employees and visitors for COVID-19?


6. Do you have a way to check if employees and visitors have been vaccinated for COVID-19?


7. Do you have a way to check for a doctor’s note approving employees to return to work after recovering from COVID-19 infection?


8. Do your employees, management, and visitors feel the workplace is COVID Safe?


9. Do your employees have easy access to healthcare professionals via Telemedicine for COVID-19 related consultations: Exposure to someone with COVID-19, infection and testing related to COVID-19 testing, and determining if safe to return to work?


10. Do your employees have easy access to lab testing, either onsite or offsite for COVID-19 testing facilitated by the employer?


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